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Carpets need to be replaced at some point, and the biggest problem with that is the removal of the old one. This is one situation where the company bringing the new item will not dispose of the old one for you, so you need to call in the professionals.

If you live in the Janesville area, we are the junk disposal company who can help you to get rid of all your worn out carpets. We have serviced the local community for years and can quickly get rid of your old carpets so that you can lay the new ones and have your home looking beautiful.

It does not matter if it is one room or the entire house, we can help get rid of all the junk that you can produce. Call us today to find out more.

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Why Carpet Removal Isn't Always A DIY Activity

Carpet removal can be done without the help of professionals, but it is so much easier if you do call them in.

First, you have to pull up the old carpet. While this is achievable, it is a task that can be time-consuming, and possibly dangerous. If there have ever been any pets in the home, there is a chance that there is urine in the carpet and underlay. When you are removing the carpet, you need to have protective equipment. We have all of that and we also have the professionals who can remove the carpet quickly and easily.

Next, comes the disposal. Carpets are big and bulky when lifted up and rolled. Again, you should have the right protective gear to handle the old carpet, and you also need to have a way to transport it. If you are working in multiple rooms, that can be a lot of carpet. We have the people power and the transportation to take your carpet and dispose of it safely.

Calling in the professionals is going to make your life a lit easier.

3 Reasons
To Hire Us

At Holland Junk Removal, our goal is to keep the Holland & Ottawa Metro Area clean for everyone who lives here. Whether you want to clean out your garage, need to have an entire house cleaned before it’s sold, or want to empty out an entire warehouse, Holland Junk Removal can get the job done.

Two reasons why you should choose us:

1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to junk removal and WE NEVER JUDGE anyone for what they ask us to remove..
2. Unlike many companies, we actually answer the phone and always act professional.

Our Carpet Removal Proccess

Everything starts with a phone call. You will talk with one of our friendly professionals, and we will arrange a time that works for you for us to come out and remove the carpet. We will be upfront about our service and the fees that come with it.

When we arrive, we will walk your home to ensure that we are removing the stated carpet, and to also offer you the chance to discuss any other junk removal. If the carpet is still in place, we can help to remove that and will roll it up to be taken in our vans for disposal. If it has already been removed, we will load it up quickly.

We will then dispose of the carpet safely, recycling any carpets and rugs if that is at all possible.

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